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Czech Pendolino TrainPrague, Czech Republic

Prague to/from Berlin by Train

Fare: 45.99 GBP single, 90.99 GBP return
Distance: 247 miles / 397 km
Journey time:
4h 31m

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* Price comparison taken on 11 October 2016. Based on the standard second class adult fare of €67.60 each way between Berlin Hbf and Prague hlavní nádraží, reservation fee of €4.50 each way and an exchange rate of 1 GBP to 1.097 EUR.


Brandenburg Gate, Berlin

Prague-Berlin Train Schedule

Train Number/Name Prague hl.n. Berlin Hbf Journey Time
EN476 Metropol 04:06 09:07 5h01m
EC178 Alois Negrelli 06:28 10:57 4h29m
EC176 Johannes Brahms 08:28 12:57 4h29m
EC174 Robert Schumann 10:28 14:57 4h29m
EC378 Porta Bohemica 12:28 16:57 4h29m
EC172 Hungaria 14:28 18:57 4h29m
EC170 Carl Maria von Weber 16:28 20:57 4h29m

Berlin-Prague Train Schedule

Train Number/Name Berlin Hbf Prague hl.n. Journey Time
EC171 Carl Maria von Weber 07:03 11:27 4h24m
EC173 Hungaria  09:04 13:27 4h23m
EC379 Porta Bohemica 11:04 15:27 4h23m
EC175 Robert Schumann 13:03 17:27 4h24m
EC177 Johannes Brahms 15:04 19:27 4h23m
EC179 Alois Negrelli 17:04 21:27 4h23m
EN477 Metropol 19:01 23:27 4h26m

Stations in Berlin

All the trains we sell tickets for run to/from the new Central Station, Berlin Hbf (location indicated by red marker):

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