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Czech Pendolino TrainPrague, Czech Republic

Our Price List

Route Second Class First Class Night Train
Single Return Single Return
Prague to Berlin £45.99 £90.99 £74.99 £142.99 Click
Prague to Bratislava £31.99 £60.99 Click Click Click
Prague to Budapest £52.99 £104.99 £70.99 £140.99 Click
Prague to Dresden £32.99 £64.99 Click Click Click
Prague to Frankfurt £79.99 £158.99 Click Click
Prague to Krakow £39.99 £78.99 Click Click Click
Prague to Munich £39.99 £78.99 Click Click
Prague to Nuremberg £39.99 £78.99
Prague to Salzburg £49.99 £98.99 Click Click
Prague to Vienna £37.99 £71.99 £89.99 £178.99 Click
Berlin to Prague £45.99 £90.99 £74.99 £142.99 Click
Budapest to Prague £52.99 £104.99 £70.99 £140.99 Click
Dresden to Prague £32.99 £64.99 Click Click Click
Frankfurt to Prague £79.99 £158.99 Click Click
Krakow to Prague £39.99 £78.99 Click Click Click
Munich to Prague £39.99 £78.99 Click Click
Munich to Vienna £74.99 £148.99 £109.99 £218.99 Click
Nuremberg to Prague £39.99 £78.99
Salzburg to Prague £49.99 £98.99 Click Click
Vienna to Munich £74.99 £148.99 £109.99 £218.99 Click
Vienna to Prague £37.99 £71.99 £89.99 £178.99 Click
All other routes Click Click Click Click Click


About Our Prices

By sourcing advance purchase tickets which are in limited supply we are able to offer our customers fares which usually beat the price charged at the station and can be less than half what some agents charge for a flexible ticket on the same route.

The tickets you buy through us are not flexible. They are valid only on the specified train and cannot generally be cancelled, changed or upgraded if your travel plans change. Some of our tickets can be cancelled but admin fees will apply.

Other suppliers may be selling completely flexible tickets that are not tied to a specific train or which offer a refund of 85 or 100% of the ticket price in case of cancellation. Naturally you pay more for this degree of flexibility.


How To Book With Us

Follow these four simple steps to book your train tickets with us:

1 Enter your order on our website.
Choice of payment methods. No credit card surcharges.
No queuing. No language barriers.
2 We email your tickets in Adobe PDF format.
One business day order turnaround.
Free Delivery - Worldwide.
3 Print your tickets at home.
We include allocated seating on all routes.
4 Just board the train and go!
No need to collect tickets. No check-in.
No security checks. No passport control.


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